ICI provides an initial consultation which is complimentary to discuss the needs of the potential client and what services may be valuable. The following areas outline just some of the services which may be obtained.


    ICI helps companies and organizations define the corporate culture they want by developing a brand, mission statements, and core values that guide leadership and employees on a daily basis. ICI works with companies to create a strategic plan which will include an overview of a company’s strengths and weaknesses, short term and long term goals, budgets and financial projections. ICI can also help clients implement the strategic plan once it is written and meet with leaders on a regular basis to update the plan and provide accountability in order to achieve results.


    ICI can provide individualized executive coaching for business leaders or conduct leadership or teambuilding workshops for groups. ICI can also plan and conduct corporate events or retreats at any location for groups of any size. Leadership and teambuilding training will consist of basic methods and practices which are customized to fit the client’s corporate culture. Group trainings are interactive with a fun and innovative approach to keep participants fully engaged.


    ICI can provide assessments and consulting in vital areas such as HR, safety, and financial practices. Areas such as onboarding, interviewing, job descriptions, employee handbooks, employee retention, accounting, financial projections and budgets are just some topics which may be addressed. ICI can also connect clients to professionals who assist with legal issues and accounting. Safety assessments, meetings and campaigns can be planned and conducted to address general topics or specific problems. Through numerous experts in the areas of HR, safety, and financial practices, ICI can provide solutions and training to keep companies compliant. ICI can also guide clients to technology solutions which are often needed when addressing HR and financial practices.


    ICI will create a customized Marketing Plan for your company. ICI can provide a logo, website, printed materials such as business cards and brochures, signage, shirts, promotional items or apparel which can be branded. In addition, ICI can help clients obtain digital marketing packages which include SEO and social media marketing, produce jingles, commercials, radio spots, and design print advertisements. ICI can plan and publicize promotional events and also help companies plug into the networking opportunities available in the community. ICI also specializes in sales training which can be conducted with a group of any size. ICI can also provide individual coaching sessions which may include making actual sales calls to clients or prospective clients. Sales training consists of proven methods and practices that are customized to fit the client’s needs and target audience. Finally, consulting on customer service is available and ICI can develop programs, campaigns and provide extensive training in this area.

No matter how successful you are, there is always a way to improve your company or organization and take it to another level.Christy Reeves, Owner of ICI