Christy Reeves

Christy Reeves created ICI Consulting to help transform companies and organizations. With decades of experience working in various capacities in multiple industries, Reeves developed a passion for creating positive change through problem solving and innovative thinking. Reeves believes no matter how successful you are, there is always a way to improve your company or organization and take it to another level.

In addition to her work with ICI, Reeves is also co authoring a book to be titled 13 Ways to Kill your Corporate Culture. Reeves is also now consulting for Canadian company 13 Ways, Inc.

Prior to her current endeavors, Reeves helped create and launch two expansions of Lubbock, Texas based Physical Therapy Today called Wellness Today and Corporate Wellness Today. Reeves worked with the owners of this company on every aspect of the expansion from logo design, mission statement development, building renovation and design, hiring and training staff, creating job descriptions, program development, strategic planning, marketing and advertising, sales, event planning, and numerous other projects. Before that, Reeves was the Director of Marketing for three additional companies in Lubbock, Texas that focused on insurance, occupational medicine, fitness, and physical therapy. Over the last five years, Reeves has helped companies think outside the box and discover ways to grow the business and run their companies more efficiently. Additionally, Reeves has worked with over twenty companies to develop corporate wellness programs. During that process, many other needs were always identified where businesses could improve their bottom line.

Early on, Reeves developed a passion for individual and corporate wellness after spending decades working in different health related fields. After working as, a television news reporter, she served as Executive Director of the American Cancer Society in Lubbock and West Texas for many years working in areas such as income development, communications, public education, and event planning. Reeves then spent ten years in the pharmaceutical industry with large U.S. and global companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Sanofi-Aventis, and Novartis. In this industry, Reeves served as sales trainer and coached sales representatives individually and as a group. Reeves has also served as a General Manager for Lubbock fitness facility Bodyworks for Women, and Marketing/PR director for Bodyworks.

Reeves is active in many local community organizations and believes it is vitally important to stay involved in community events. Throughout her career, Reeves has done numerous public speaking engagements, and conducted trainings and employee meetings in Texas and other states on a variety of topics.
Reeves graduated Magna Cum laude with her BA in Journalism from Texas Tech University and is a native of Lubbock. She and her husband Michael have two daughters. Reeves is active in her church, and loves running marathons, teaching group fitness, music, and her cats.